Stage 4 - Insul - Kreuzberg (17,4 km)

The route from Insul to Altenahr-Kreuzberg is 17.4 km long and allows hikers to delve into the absolute seclusion of nature; lonely plateaus and rural idyll await, along with the wine village of Altenahr at the end of the leg.

Shady woods lead to Sierscheid and then upwards towards Dümpelhardt past secluded heaths. Fantastic views await from the foresty tops of the Ahr mountains. In the valley, Dümpelfeld boasts a beautiful Gothic church, St. Cyriacus. Far from any buildings, meadows and woods lead to Liersbachtal then up towards the Lierser plateau and through small woods to the 487-m high Linder Höhe. The strenuous hike is well worth it though, as hikers are rewarded with panorama views. A little further down, there is a romantic chapel. Mossy forest paths and sunny mixed forests lead back down into the valley with views of the sun-soaked vineyards of the Ahr valley. The leg ends at the train station of Kreuzberg. High above the village is Kreuzberg castle.


Difficulty: hard

Ascent:  565 m

Descent: 610 m

Duration: approx. 5 ½ hrs.