Hiking without luggage - Kleins Wanderreisen


The Ahr Valley is one of the most spectacular side valleys of the Rhine. Its special feature is the diversity of its landscape, which is traversed by the trail over a small area


Your have no desire to carry your luggage? Enjoy hiking with hotel change and luggage transport at the AhrSteig.

AhrSteig in 6 stages - tour course:

Day 1: Arrival at Blankenheim
Day 2: Blankenheim – Aremberg (ca. 21 km, 420 m ascent)
Day 3: Aremberg – Insul (ca. 20 km, 460 m ascent)
Day 4: Insul – Altenahr (ca. 20 km, 620 m ascent)
Day 5: Altenahr – Walporzheim (ca. 15 km, 540 m ascent)
Day 6: Walporzheim – Bad Neuenahr (ca. 13 km, 330 m ascent)
Day 7: Bad Neuenahr – Sinzig (ca. 21 km, 370 m ascent)
Day 8: Departure from Sinzig



arrival and departure

Arrival each Thursday or Friday to Blankenheim (hiking from Blankenheim to Sinzig) or arrival each Sunday or Monday to Sinzig (hiking from Sinzig to Blankenheim).
First arrival at the beginning of April, last arrival mid-November.
By car or train to the first hotel of the tour in Blankenheim or Sinzig, free parking at the hotel, when arriving by train take a taxi from Blankenheim Station to the hotel (ca. 10 EUR) or walk from Sinzig-Bad Bodendorf Station to the hotel (ca. 250 m).


By train:
Return route from Sinzig - Bad Bodendorf Station or Blankenheim Station
By car:
Return to your car at the first hotel from Sinzig - Bad Bodendorf Station or Blankenheim Station