Stage 3 - Aremberg - Insul (18,7 km)

The third and longest leg of the route leads high into the hills and is 18.7 km long, the highest point being the Aremberg. The narrow cliff paths around the Schulder Hardt and the harsh and steep rock faces of the Spicher Ley make this hike a very special experience.

The climb to the ruins of Arenberg castle is steep and at 623m, this marks the highest point of the entire AhrSteig. Sharp meadow paths lead to Eichenbach. Through the Eichenbacher woods and over the Ahr, the climb continues with spectacular cliff passages and past rough sandstone rock faces to Schuld. A detour to the Schorn chapel and the open-air theatre is very worthwhile. Further on through the wooded paths and upwards to the impressive cliff of the Spicher Ley with beautiful views of the Ahr valley, the route continues through forests and meadows and then back down to Insul with the secluded Hahnensteiner mill.


Difficulty: hard

Ascent:  590 m

Descent: 920 m

Duration: approx. 5 ½ hrs.