Current route information

Stage 3 : Diversions in the Eichenbach and Insul area and construction work in the Schuld district

Due to a damaged bridge, the section of road through Eichenbach has to be diverted. Follow the "Detour" signs here. Construction work to repair flood damage in the village of Schuld means that the AhrSteig trail cannot always be clearly marked. The riverside path near Insul is closed due to damage caused by the flood disaster. Please use the signposted diversion via the Ahr cycle path.


Stages 5 & 6: Diversion between Alfred-Dahm-Turm and Ahrweiler (status 1/24)

In the Walporzheim area between Alfred-Dahm-Turm and Ahrweiler, the AhrSteig is being diverted due to construction work and flood damage. Please follow the diversion markings.

Map diversions route


Stage 5: Closed access route between Dernau and Krausberg Tower 

The access path of the AhrSteig between Dernau and Krausbergturm is closed in the lower section (entrance to the left of the Dagernova). The path has slipped in places and is not safe to walk on.
Instead, you can follow the tarred path uphill and turn into the first forest path on the right. Follow this forest path until you reach the yellow AhrSteig access path markings again.