Train connections Cologne main station via Kall to Blankenheim Wald

Stages 1 to 4

Cologne HBF - Euskirchen 2x hourly: e.g.: Departure Cologne 09:21 h, arrival Kall 10:17 h à RE 22 or RB 24

From Kall departure 10:25 h, arrival Blankenheim Wald 10:44 h à Rail replacement service (bus)

Timetable RE22: Cologne ◄► GerolsteinTimetable RB: 24: Cologne ◄► Gerolstein

Timetable Bus: Kall ◄►Gerolstein


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We recommend Taxi Ruf at these stages:

Taxi Dieter, Blankenheim : 0 24 49 / 91 72 28

For groups by prior arrangement

(Registration possible from Monday to Friday, at least 48 h before the start of the journey)

Hoffmann Reisen, Nohn, Tel.: 0 26 96 / 3 32

Krämer Reisen, Nürburg, Tel.: 0 26 91 / 26 10

The Ahrtalbahn

The trains of line RB 30 (Bonn - Ahrbrück) run on the section between Bonn and Walporzheim. The RB 39 line (Remagen - Dernau) runs between Remagen and Ahrweiler.

You can access the valid timetable of the Ahrtalbahn digitally via or as well as via the app "DB Navigator".



Railway timetable change from 06.03.2023

Deutsche Bahn points out that in connection with the construction measures for the electrification of the Ahrtalbahn in the period between March and December 2023, the railway line will be closed daily for public transport in the evening and at night, specifically in the time from 8:45 pm to 4:45 am.

 In addition, during the Easter holidays (01.04. to 11.04.2023), the summer holidays (22.07. to 04.09.2023) and the autumn holidays (14.10. - 31.10.2023), the line will be closed all day, so that there will be no public transport rail services in the Ahr valley during this period. According to the current state of affairs, the Whitsun holidays are not affected by the all-day line closure. A separate timetable for rail replacement services (SEV) has been drawn up for the period of these closures:Timetable SEV: Remagen ◄► Ahrbrück from 06.03.2023 Timetable SEV: Remagen ◄► Ahrbrück during school holidays 2023